High School Programs

All of our group programs are on high school campuses, either after school, weekday evenings, or on weekends. The logistics are arranged in conjunction with the partnering agency. We work with PTSAs, High School Counseling offices, and After School Providers.

PTSA Fundraisers

We partner with high school PTSAs to offer our prep programs as fundraisers.

General Information

Palos Verdes Peninsula High School
Torrance High School
  • AP Literature Boot Camp Apr. 18, 20, 25, 27 at THS
    (Note: If circumstances warrant, instruction could quickly move to remote format via Zoom.)
  • AP Language & Composition Boot Camp Apr. 24, 26, May 1, 3 at THS
    (Note: If circumstances warrant, instruction could quickly move to remote format via Zoom.)
  • Calculus AB AP Prep Boot Camp Apr. 24, 26, May 1, 3 at THS
    (Note: If circumstances warrant, instruction could quickly move to remote format via Zoom.)
  • SAT Prep Boot Camp Apr. 25, 27, May 2, 4 at THS
    (Note: If circumstances warrant, instruction could quickly move to remote format via Zoom.)
  • ACT Prep Boot Camp May 23, 25, 30, June 1 at THS
    (Note: If circumstances warrant, instruction could quickly move to remote format via Zoom.)
Rancho Buena Vista High School
Mission Vista High School
  • El Dorado High School

High School Counseling Offices

We partner with school personnel directly to offer our prep programs. These may or may not be fundraisers depending on the cost of the programs.

  • St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy

Federally Funded Programs

These programs, typically after school during the week, are run in conjunction with an after school provider. However, the logistics are set up by the site coordinator at the school and we can certainly make other arrangements.

ARC-Los Angeles
  • Animo Ralph Bunche High School
  • Animo Venice High School
  • Fulton College Prep School
  • Kennedy High School
ARC-San Diego
  • San Diego High School
  • Mission Bay High School
  • Point Loma High School
  • Sweetwater High School
  • Crawford High School
  • Chula Vista High School
Educare Foundation
  • Bell High School
  • Esteban Torres High School
Think Together
  • Heritage High School
  • Tahquitz High School
  • Bassett High School
Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Carson High School

When I was in the fifth grade I was in accelerated pre-algebra. Dave Berger set up a strong foundation for the years ahead. I still apply his methods to my math.

Rachel H. Chung
student, Stanford University

Thank YOU Dave for offering such a great program to our students. I will absolutely recommend you to everyone I talk to!

PTSA President at Dana Hills High

Thank you, Dave Berger. Your expert tutoring of our son enabled him to score an 800 on the Math Level II exam. Your in-depth tutoring was very well paced and kept stress to a minimum. We really appreciate your work with our son.

Mary Carr

This session has helped me a lot in my math memory since I am only a sophomore.

Student, Trabuco Hills High School

DB Academics provides SAT preparation classes at Peninsula as a fund-raising venture for the PTSA. We receive consistent positive feedback from both parents and students. We are able to provide this resource to our students at a very reasonable cost.

Kathy Campbell
former vice president of Peninsula PTSA

You are such a class act! I was going to send you a similar email, but you beat me to it! You are wonderful to work with and passionate about helping the kids. We so appreciate you. It was so easy to find a replacement for myself because you are so easy to work with. Michelle will do a great job.

PTSA rep. at Dana Hills High.

DB Academics is an outstanding tutorial service. My son could not be happier with his experience with D.B. Academics. He raised his scores by 400 points, giving him a great deal of confidence when applying to colleges.

Patricia A. Ix

I just want to let you know that Daniel did really well on the SAT. He scored 2150. We are really happy with his scores. Thank you for working with him!

Glenda Reiger

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your hard work. Honestly, this has been the best SAT prep ever! I will most definitely recommend DB Academics to most of the underclassmen at my school.

Charlene Kim

Thanks for a great class today!

Student, San Clemente High School

Thank you so much for today’s boot camp. It helped a lot and I feel a lot more prepared!

Student, Mission Vista High School

DB Academics was highly recommended by other parents. We began working with them and my daughter’s grades in math improved quickly and dramatically. I found them to be very good at building rapport with the students and identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Kathy Campbell

Thank you so much for your guidance and unbound knowledge of SAT test taking strategy. I scored a 2260 on my October 2010 SAT. Thank you again. I could not have done it without you.

Mary Miao

Thank you so much for all your time and knowledge these two weekends for both the SAT and ACT, I have learned so much!

Student, Dana Hills High School

Thank you for your excellent test preparation course. It was extremely useful in preparing our daughter for her PSAT and SAT test this past fall. She scored a 219 on her PSAT and 2160 on her SAT.

Kristen Bartholomew

I learned a lot in the SAT Camp!

Student, Mission Vista High School

Thank you so much for class today. The game was fun!

Student, Mission Vista High School

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